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Our Services

At Vital Vision Therapy, we provide an astounding variety of customized vision therapy treatments to patients of all ages in order to treat and manage their specific visual deficits.


So, what is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is a progressive, individualized program that treats problems involving an individual’s vision and eye problems. Vision therapy is utilized for a variety of common visual problems such as (but not limited to) double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eye, vision related learning challenges, convergence insufficiency, traumatic brain injuries, and improving sports performance.

Vision therapy does not treat reading disabilities or dyslexia; however, vision therapy does treat the “vision related deficit” that can impact reading and academic performance.  Vision therapy does not “make eye muscles stronger”.  Vision therapy is designed to present visual conditions that stimulate the brain to change how the eyes are working together. We also work with a variety of providers including physical therapists, occupational therapists, educational providers, pediatricians, and more.

It is important to note that all cases are not the same, therefore each case is customized to the individual person’s visual deficits. There are a variety of methods and treatments that our doctors will prescribe to our clients based on their visual function and goals of therapy.

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