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Vision therapy is designed as an individual and personalized treatment program, often used in conjunction with other treatments as eyeglasses or eye surgery. Vision therapy is performed is performed under supervision of an eye doctor and performed once per week in sessions lasting 30-45 minutes.

Home practice is given to reinforce exercises learned during in-office therapy sessions. Commitment to weekly sessions and therapy homework assignments are essential for optimal results

Vision Therapy for Adults

Did you know that there are 17 essential skills for success in reading, writing, sports, and practically all of your daily life activities?

Check out the list below to better understand how each visual skill is necessary for functional vision.

  1. Eye Movement Control is the ability to move both eyes together, to focus on an image, or path. Each eye has six muscles that work together to control eye movement and position.

  2. Binocular Coordination is the ability of the two eyes to accurately work together, at the same time, as a team. If one eye is weaker than the other, the child may develop a lazy eye.

The 17 Key Visual Skills

Approximately 80 percent of all learning comes from the visual pathways. Any interference in the visual pathways can inhibit a child from performing to his or her maximum potential.


According to the AOA (American Optometric Association): 25% of all children, or 1 in 4 students, have a vision problem significant enough to impact their learning.

It is important to note that a child may pass the 20-20 eye exam and still have an undetected vision problem, because “perfect” 20-20 eyesight does not indicate “perfect” functioning of the visual skills. In other words, visual problems do not only stem from blurry vision- but can be caused by reduced visual skills as well.

Vision and Learning Difficulties

Early detection of a vision problem will enable your child to get the support they need through eyeglasses, contact lenses, or vision therapy – and will enhance their performance in school and on the sports field!

Explore the sequence of vision care provided by Vital Vision Therapy from a comprehensive eye examination, visual skills assessment, and information processing testing leading up to a therapy parent consultation to discuss options. 

"After Vision therapy he is much more at ease with fine motor skills and even opts in to draw and color! I can’t wait to see it all sync together this year in school. " 

- Beth, Parent

In education, vision is the dominant sensory system, as 80% of learning is done through the visual system. Deficits within this system often decrease a student’s reading and learning abilities. Did you know, many treatable vision problems mimic ADHD and Dyslexia behaviors!


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